Thursday, January 31, 2013

Are We Good or Evil?

Sometimes we need a reminder that we are good from the inside out. For many, it’s easier to offer critical feedback than it is to acknowledge great performance.

Source: Dharma Comics (Dec 2012) 

Photo by: Hugh Sitton (Getty Images)

I was recently told of an African tribe that does the most beautiful thing. When someone does something hurtful and wrong, they take the person to the center of town and the entire tribe comes and surrounds him. For two days they'll tell the man every good thing he has ever done.

The tribe believes that every human being comes into the world as GOOD, each of us desiring safety, love, peace, happiness.

But sometimes in the pursuit of those things, people make mistakes.

This community sees misdeeds as a cry for help. They band together for the sake of their fellow man to hold him up, to reconnect him with his true Nature, to remind him who he really is, until he fully remembers the truth from which he'd temporarily been disconnected... "I AM GOOD".

Positive acknowledgement typically gets far better results than ongoing critical comments. It takes many positive comments to make up for every negative comment made.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


You can have one hundred or one million people read what was written by my hands, from a Higher Source, and most will come to the same conclusion. Yet, those who read it with their Spiritual understanding will not only get a different message, but each individual will receive a unique message geared only for their understanding.

Picture this as the Universal Consciousness whispering into each individual’s ears and giving each one a different message with different keys that
 lead to the same but individual place.

The Chronicles are completely written in “Codes.” It’s a cryptogram. When an individual cracks their ‘Code’, awesome Spiritual Forces shall be released; this Force will empower each individual and completely change their life and absolutely transform our world.

When you read and take the writing literally, you may assume that you understand it. But, if you compare it to other works, or believe you already know what it is talking about, or ignore the Hidden Codes, it becomes useless instead of the awesome instrument of Power it was meant to be, as written by Gracie Karlene Baxter.

There will be those of you who will claim that I am feeding the readers ‘Fear’; there will be those who say I’m ‘Inspiring’ people. However, that is not what I am doing at all. Do not “ASSUME”.

What is written is not from me but from a Higher Source and I should not be looked at as the source of wisdom and knowledge. I am but the Messenger who is delivering an encrypted, concealed message to the few who will receive it when it is the right moment.

~ Gino DiCaprio

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Universal Law of Creation: The Chronicles

The Universal Law of Creation: The Chronicles: "Constantine the Great in my original time line never existed until the end of 2007 when time shifted again. The only Constantine I knew o...

The Chronicles

"Constantine the Great in my original time line never existed until the end of 2007 when time shifted again. The only Constantine I knew of was in a comic book. 

Every time I return time re-start itself at the same moment as the previous. A new possibility of a positive time line is there. I have to find all those with the Gift so that the positive time line stays. 

I have seem human kind destroy each other more times than what your thoughts can even comprehend. I saw more Nuclear holocaust in each negative time line.

 Those with the gift to transform this time line to the positive time line will be discourage to read the Chronicles that were written through me. They will claim they already know and because of that, they do not have to read it. 

As in all those time line I could not save, it will happen again, and I will have to erase this time line and re-start again. 

You have been warned; however your over confidence will be your undoing, for those who have truly levitated and know will still read to receive more knowledge. They are willing to continue to absorb all and any information they can acquire even if it is one that they already know."

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Chapter 1: Contradictory Views

Taken from

The Universal Law of Creation: When You Seek, Ask, See and Truly Believe Beyond Any Shadow-of-a-Doubt Whatsoever, You Shall Receive!


Illuminatis The Ones and The Shadows

Copyright ©
by Gino DiCaprio

"Taking things personally makes you prey for predators. They can hook your attention with one little opinion, and feed you whatever poison they want. Refuse to eat poison!”~ Don Miguel Ruiz
Soon you will see and feel the change. It is already happening, but not everything in this world is visible before you “choose” to see it. Very soon, the changes will be visible to most of you. The transformation will be felt in your body, mind, and soul.

When you finish reading this book, the media will say and portray me as that I seem and look paranoid and delusional.

A New World Order is not a threat if it is not abused. It would make us “one (1). It is those that would take away our freedom that we should be concerned over. As long as “We the People” unite, we cannot be taken over. You are more focused on keeping your own “countries” as in “America” instead of focusing in becoming one (1) “United” World People.
  • What good was the constitution for the American Indian?

This is not only about taking back America, but taking back the World, for it is happening everywhere.

The obstacle is that a lot of you are more into complaining over resolving the issues that will affect each generation or you have the attitude of “It does not affect me, so I don’t care to see the Truth. So why get involved!”

You turn the other cheek and ignore it since deep inside you, your ego self says, “What I don’t know, see or hear will not hurt me,” that is until it is too late. It will affect your future offspring’s generation just as it has affected you now from how it used to be before your I.D. pictures became public. Our parents, you and the future will be affected one (1) way or another, not all at the same time, but all at different moments.

To achieve this we must create a “new” language that would be made obligatory in all our homes and schools around the World as a second (2nd) language. This way no language is picked over another. By the next generation this language will be understood anywhere in the world.

Worldwide currency should also be implemented as one (1) without depriving one (1) country over the other. Once all of this is done, the World Armies must be put at the service of the public and not a Government. This must be done all over the world at the exactly same time so as to provide an indispensable guarantee of security.

In the new Broadway musical of “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz,” the Wicked Witch of the West is looked different compared to the original movie version.

Negative energy which some of you call “evil” is clearly depicted and overcome by “good” which I call positive energy. However, in the musical version the Wicked Witch is presented as a sad sympathetic character. Born with green skin, she feels like an outsider.

Major characters, plot lines, roles, as well as other important details are altered so that the Wicked Witch is really just a misunderstood person. The audience might come away with the idea that negative/evil is positive/good and positive/good is negative/evil. Just look at your laws and you will see that it is all true. Innocents are imprisoned because of lies or exaggeration. Conspiracy laws in the United State of America are abused with false witness and corrupted Federal District Attorneys that work side by side with your personal lawyer. Moreover, the real Criminals are ether free or in Power. “You only see what you want to see and push the Truth aside.”

Today scientist against their will are installing into your skin microchips to not only track you, but to control your emotions to their needs. The cure for cancer and others diseases have been here for decades, yet they are making more money drugging the dying with treating the symptom over saving lives. They have even discovered the technology to create food in abundant to feed every living person by having food grow in the deserts as well as the power to warmth you in your home without pollution or you paying any utility bills, free energy. In our children, they claim to give them vaccines and you believe them. They are injecting our children with toxic, mercury and the list goes on. WAKE UP! Their goal is population control. They plan to wipe off more then half (½) the world’s population to reach their agenda of world domination by looking like your saviour.

Science is not always the way, just as Religion is not. There are certain things that cannot be explained or accepted scientifically or religiously. Just as over two thousand (2,000) years ago if it could not be explained "religiously" today they say the same "scientifically". Those who are in the "Secret Elite" have known this for ages.

Science proves things with the illusion that it's based on proofs through experimental acts or math, which they make you believe that it makes logical sense. The Spiritual Realm or Outer Dimension Realm does not work upon our “Scientific” concept. So because scientifically these reality or concept of reality cannot be proven then they must only be categorized as theories or not true as religion used to do.

No organised group has a right to say what is true or not.

Science, just like religion they both have certain truth, but not the full truth. The "cure" to "aids" has existed for years, and it was not done by science, but by natural herbs to cure and not scientifically. This however is not accepted by the science community, if they cannot explain the “why” it works.

Science has done a lot of great things, so please do not misquote what you are reading. All I am saying is that it has been corrupted just as religion was and still is. There are many ways beside religion, science, spiritual and so on that we can use, and other ideas we have not even thought of yet.

There are certain things that you are not required to prove that you know about to the world. All you are required is if it is enough proof to yourself in what you know, and let others find their own proof if it comes to that.

I do not have to give proof of what I know since skeptics will always find a way around proof. They go well in hand with aggressiveness.

It makes no difference in knowing the Truth when eighty-four point seven percent (84.7%) of the world population does not care. If they cared, they would rebel or at least stop buying the products that are out there that is being pushed and sold. If people do not stop and support the market, then nothing will ever change. People know the Truth, people love to complain which in the end it is worst then being a “sheep,” for a sheep is at least content.

It is easy to blame others, as the Government, Corporation, Jews and the list goes on. You may believe that Capitalism is not the way and that Socialism is better. What you do not know is that all of them including Communism are all connected but you are too blind to see it. These are just some of the distraction from the real event.

The World Leaders are being controlled and manipulated without their knowledge nor will they even accept it. Enemies are created where before they were not there. I wished that I could write down all that I know but ninety-seven point three percent (97.3%) of you will be convinced that I am off my rockers, which in the end I will lose my credibility.

All new groups that start with a good cause and even the Entertainment business are being infiltrated and manipulated, they convince those in these events to agree with them with logic and sense, and again you do not realize you are being manipulated.

They enter “every” small groups out there in case one (1) day you become big. They enter when you’re most vulnerable. They have not only entered the Government of the World or the Big Corporations, they have entered your home, your mind when you agree with all that is going around you with logical reasons. They have convinced you that their view makes sense. They will have you blame others and blindside you from the Truth.

They will create “Sleepers”; you will recognize them when they support propaganda with emotions instead of logic. They will be angry which will give the Controllers Power, for they feed off negative energy.

I never planned nor asked to be a part of the Primaries, yet I have always been one (1) of them as well as a part of them since before time itself came to be. My physical mind has been blocked from being probe and scattered to protect those like myself.

If you discover as a result recognize and identify yourself in all these pages you’ve read so far, in addition you’ve also started figuring out how to decipher and decode the hidden clues I’ve written down to lead us together with the belief you may be one (1), than you should also have known instinctively the danger it has to offer as well as the rewards, for they are watching.

You would have felt something stirring inside of your Inner Higher-Self, so stop reading immediately if you value your existence. You may be one (1) of us. Once you acknowledge this, you will be required to put up a cloak barrier, for it shall only be a matter of time before our ancient foes sense it too, more over they will come for each of you. They have eyes and ears everywhere.

If you are not one (1) of us, I envy you, for you have no real clue of the actual battle that has been going on for longer then time itself in the Unseen Spiritual Realm, which has slowly been leaking into your physical world for the past few thousand (1,000s) years.

The quest is not all what it seem, for there is always something off as well as strange going on. A Secret Council of Elders lets those of us who are Chosen know our assignments and when it is the proper time to be awaken to remember.

As a decipher you can interpret the codes along with the meaning, but not only just here in my book. Our quest is being watched as entertainment as a source of amusement until it affects their presence actuality.

If you are one (1) of the Chosen, few with very little memory of who you truly are, than the less you remember the fewer of our ancient foes you shall attract. They like us can be slain except you do not truly perish. I know this sounds crazy and all; however, they in the other hand do not have what you have… Souls. You can dispel them for a while, or even for a lifetime. Yet, they are primal forces, in addition they do re-form eventually.

Those of you who do not have the gift moreover finally see the True reality, which has always been there; you will assume it is an illusion as a result not real. You will believe it is your imagination, as the mass population shall too. Whenever divine or profane elements mix with human being, you generate Haze, which obscures the vision.

You with the gift that will or has been Chosen shall see things just as they Truly are, yet you shall interpret things quite differently compare to the mass population. The rest of the physical material world will not see the Truth; all they will see is an optical illusion of what their mind can comprehend as reality.

Otherwise, if you did not receive the gift you will only see your version of reality. You shall not have reliable eyes, your brain shall only be able to process what you see through the mirage that those from the Fourth (4th) Dimension releases.

The world is as ignorant as the rest, deception upon deception. That is great, since as my dream-self I am changeable and too unpredictable. I have learnt to follow my heart, gut; instinct and intuition, for those from the Fourth (4th) Dimension will strive on your doubts as well as your hopelessness if you have the gift. They will use deception towards you if they can, hoping to make you mistrust your own judgment.

Once you become awaken and start to realize who you have always truly been, you shall see the Truth with the danger you have attracted. When this happens, it will be something you could never have dreamed possible.

When they sense you, and they will, they shall come to challenge you. Most of the time, they will ignore you until they feel that you have become a threat. A few of us through the eons have managed to survive as a result even become famous. If I were to tell you some of their names, you would know a few, while others have been lost or become myth.

Some of you have no clue who you really are or even been. You have no idea or realize the Power you have, and that this illusion you see is a temporary prison. Nevertheless, there is always one (1) that is assigned to guard as well as watch over us in the physical world and one (1) in the Spiritual Realm.

Learn to keep the faith in addition do not think negative. Those from the Negative Dimension will have you throwing in everything from dreams, hopes, and wishes that can come true.

We shall go to Asia and other continents to find what is to be found as a result face those who have turned. I shall be betrayed as always, by one (1) who will be close to me. In the end, I will not save what matters most to me. Even now, I still do not truly understand these prophecies I receive. These prophecies often have double meanings; the Truth is not always clear until these events come to pass.

Names are very powerful things and should not be taken so lightly. You do not go around using them for no reason. Most have mistranslated Ancient virtuous names in addition brush it off as not important to correct them. That is one (1) of the mass populations first (1st) of many mistake. “I came yet you did not know me, you called a name that has never been mine, you claim to know me by another name, however I do not know you, so move away from my path, you who cannot even honour my True Name nor my Fathers’”

A Chosen’s’ fate is never a contented one (1) since it always ends with tragic. The prophecy is coming, in addition you are required to be prepared, for the path ahead of you that has been chosen will be given to just a few of you. In knowing too, much of the future is never a good thing.

You must be extremely careful, those serving the Negative Dimension Hierarchies wants those of you with the Calling to come unravelled, your life disrupted, your thoughts clouded with anger and fear. I shall not give them what they want, nor should you. Train patiently, for the time will come.

Please do not come to me in what to do, for I am in the same predicament as you. You must decide your own path, I cannot tell you the right choice, or advice you.

When you read regular books and than suddenly the letters seem to float off the pages;

  • Why do you believe this happened?
It has been written that it is because your mind is equipped for Ancient readings.

  • What about if you are impulsive and you cannot sit still?

  • What if you just daydream?
That is your battlefield reflexes that they through society does not want. In a real fight, it will keep you alive. As for your attention problem, that is because you see too much, not too little.

Our foes want you medicated. They do not want you seeing them for what they truly are. Just do your research on the United State of America on their Constitution on baring arm, you shall notice that the States that have the strictest laws on arms also are the highest on taxes, you see? This is so you cannot fight back as well as a way to control you.

For years, I have been having these dreams and visions that I was more than who I am or whom I am portraying to be. I have had dreams of a very momentous sacred mission that is to become a new age for us all. I would never see the actual date of year, but just that it would happen soon. Every year since I was a child I dreamed or saw these visions.

In 1972, I was ten (10) years old and I just knew that this special event is to start or happen in forty (40) years from that moment.

  • How would I know that?
Somehow, instinctively and subconsciously I was counting down the years. In the meantime, every few year I would dream the same, however just the scenery changed.

The last time I saw this vision was around March 2008, and the countdown was four (4) years away. This date ended to be the year 2012 of the month of December.

This was before I even heard of others talking about that date of the so-called Maya Calendar and peoples different view as it being the end of the world. I on the other hand never saw an end; I saw it as a new beginning for us all, a self-realization and an open awakeness in awareness.

Near the end of 2007 is when I started to finally take my gifts serious. I had too many predictions in the past I have foretold become reality. I have meet people I have never seen before, and I told them what I knew about them to a “Tee,” and I was …right. Even if I was only making it up, I ended being accurate.

I have ignored my gifts, my visions as well as dreams far too long. I’ve denied myself, I didn’t want to be laughed at, and having people think I was weird or crazy, but now I see I cannot any longer deny who I really am nor my destiny. I must find this Truth of what I really know. This sacred mission is to go to ancient places I have seen in my dreams and visions of places I have been to in my other life times, and to search to find these hidden secret messages.

I see these signs everywhere; I have seen clues in addition I have even heard a whistle blowing from movies to newspaper, and so on. All I know is that I’m alarmed, for it will also shock all those around me who will follow me to see this physically what I saw and know of this new age as well as our roles.

She is a part of this sacred mission in my visions.

  • Who is she?
She will know herself when she reads this, for we have always been together, and she will remember my words; “I will always, I will always, I will always love you!” We had more than one (1) life together, yet always we are torn apart from each other. By the time I wake up on my wrong path and see the right path, it is too late. In this lifetime I got the chance to do it right, and I know she is a part of it no matter even if I personally do not want her to be. Our Ancient Enemies job is to see that we do not work together and to keep me off this course. This is her choice now to wake up as I did and take her path, no matter who she hurts or will hurt on her way there. Pride. These agents will do whatever it takes for this mission not to be.

In the meantime, I am revealing more than I should for now, little by little it will be. Yet I will say it again; “I have always, I have always been here!” You are in a continuous time loop; moreover, you do not even feel it.

A lot of you readers will say that I contradict myself in what I say and write about, however in reality this is how it is, in addition you must find the right meaning I’m making a effort to relate to you personally, as a result not by what others interpretation of what they believe I’m writing. Do you follow? “Every morning I wake up to another reality, where history has been changed a little, but only I notice it.” It is called a shared shift. I also “see what others don’t see or notice.”

My writings has been written at different points of time in-between 2007 until 2010 which I revise in what my visions tell me what to write, so all that I write or say in person I shall not take credit for. It does not come from me, but from a Higher Source of Energy, a Higher Consciousness. As myself I have no clue what I am striving to bring out.

If I agree or not is no longer relevant, yet your view is only valuable if you use your Spirit to guide you when you read my work I wrote, or that you heard me verbally, but not your physical view. Your physical point of view can be misleading compared to your Spiritual view.

  • I do not expect those of you that are Metaphysics skeptic would agree?
Many people seem to confuse the Spirit and the Soul are the same, however they are separate beings. They are both energy, however one (1) is Eternal and the other is temporary. That is why the expression is; “You either have the Spirit or you don’t,” while a soul everyone has it, it is a part of being human; it is a part of who you are. The physical reality yet alludes to the World of the Spirit. The Spiritual Reality and it alludes to the physical world.

When you intertwine yourself with the Universe and “ask,” the Universe mirrors the refection of your wishes back with its responds. That does not always mean that the results will be what you want. However, that something that the Universe knows is best for you will happen, since there is nothing more powerful than taking initiation.

You see, you really are All KnoWing, yet you let your mind along with your emotion block you from that Infinite Source, do you agree?

Friday, October 29, 2010

Chapter 1: Corporeal

Taken from

The Universal Law of Creation: When You Seek, Ask, See and Truly Believe Beyond Any Shadow-of-a-Doubt Whatsoever, You Shall Receive!


Time is an Illusion

by Gino DiCaprio
Copyright ©
“Success is getting what you want. Happiness is waiting what you get.” –Carl Trumbell Hayden
I was in my room one (1) night and was woken up by a strange electro charge. When I opened my eyes instantly, I saw a light in the middle of my room. It then transformed itself to an electric current. The light I saw disappeared receding into a ball and then a point of light that blinked out with electric feed. It was an intense flash in my room that sucked inward.

As fast as it appeared in the middle of my room, this sphere, this orb imploded, sucking back in on itself, crushing inward to the tiny point of light from which it had come.

People obviously prefer things to be well defined, well framed, and limited in a way, in the image of their own mind.

How will you know “if” you are finally truly connected with the Universe?

The moment you are truly awakened, you will receive a migraine, a headache. This headache will drain your strength.


Because you are close to receiving the Truth. The moment you know what you are reading, and seeing is the Truth is the moment you will feel exhausted. It is because those from the negative realm want it to be hard for you to focus so that you start to believe you are bored or not truly interest in what you found. They will discourage you secretly from receiving the hidden messages I and others were lead to put down for you to decode. It is your duty to cryptic along with than interpret them or find somebody that can understand them. 

You were not created to work, you were created to experience the physical life, to think, to create and blossom. You raise your children with perception of work, family and country, when you should raise them with the principles of fulfillment, freedom, and Universal fraternity.

“Work” is not sacred when it is motivated only by the need to earn just enough to survive or above others. It is even terribly degrading to sell oneself in order to eat.

The “Family” has never been anything but a way for supporters of slavery to force people to work harder for an illusory family ideal.

Your “Country,” to be patriot is still only a supplementary means of creating competition between people and urging you to perform their sacrosanct n if it is too emotional, so that all can understand them. work with greater ardor each day.

Reality is an illusion, as subjective as anything else is. That is how the Universe works. Minacity is simply tapping with sufficient strength along with force to make your reality match what you conjured in your mind. You live in a multiverse and not just one (1) simple Universe. Every time without realizing it you wake up in another reality, which only some of us sense as well as know. You all know there are an unlimited number of galaxies, am I correct on that?

So why do you believe there is also only one (1) Universe or even one (1) reality?

This, and so much more, is revealed to you in your being, your heart and mind when your mind is weaned away from self-involvement and guided to the path of Universal Truth. The Truth is here NOW; the Truth is within you; the Truth is in the core of your being. The core of your being is your pure state of consciousness devoid of all mental, egotistical superimpositions. Within you resides the Supreme Consciousness in the form of TRUTH.

The past, present, as well as the future are all compressed as one (1) time. I have always been here, I cannot explain it, and however I know I have always been here. Before the Universe and space as we know it, there was nothing, no time, time did not exist. In life, you may come through obstacles after obstacles, along with challenges after challenges, but in how you deal with it is what is important.

Do you look at it as a negative as in a problem or a positive as in a solution?

To realize the TRUTH you will have to leave the untruth; you will have to stop making the untruth real in your mind. When your mind is covered with falsehood, it is incapable of perceiving the truth. The Truth is revealed by the Wisdom of Consciousness, which removes all falsehoods and makes you see beyond your small self whom we call the “ego”.

You sense that you have always been. You and I are here because we are supposed to be here. Once you see as well as fully understand it. Once you intertwine moreover attune yourself with the Universe, you will suddenly tend in following your instinct. There are certain things you just know, but that you cannot explain in words “how.” You just know. I call it “The KnoWing.”

There are different kinds of Spiritual Gifts, but they all come from the same Spirit. There are those with the Gift;

To Speak with Wisdom

Attain Unspeakable Knowledge

Have Great Faith

The Power to Heal

Make Miracles

Foretell Prophecy

See through different Realms of Reality

Sense and Feel different Spirits in any Form or even Formless Entities

Speck different Languages

Finally those who can;

Translate any Languages, even Unknown Ones.

I have learned to be nonchalance about my gift.

I highly encourage questions; however, there are certain questions that should not be answered by me. The answers should come from inside you. Questions such as, “How do you know certain things about the Spiritual Realm?” is one (1). You should not pursue knowledge. Instead you should attract it toward you since when you pursue it, you will not obtain it.

Most of you have negative thoughts and would be preferable to ignorance over being positive.

Which is easier for you, staying negative or positive?

Answer this before you read on.

Negative is easier over being positive. Staying positive, you would require clarifying your situation. Collaborate, and elaborate this with a person you find is a positive thinker. Positive thoughts brings positive things while, negative thoughts brings negative things.

The Universe is an Entity that exists as a result if it exists, it can be reasoned with, do you agree? Anything can be reasoned with if the few of us that stays determined or stubborn enough. See, Ask, and Believe so you can Receive.

To learn a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. If you tap just right with your mind, you can journey far. Your mind along with your thoughts is connected to the Universe’s Consciousness. All it takes is to turn your mind inside out in addition step through it. As I’ve written before n if it is too emotional, so that all can understand them. in as well as through my whole book; “I have always been here,” and to explain the inexplicable is unexplainable, not clear, concise, as a result not easily comprehensible.

Every shiver reflects a serious disturbance. When you become aware that things are not aligned you shudder. Our Universe is general and each of you individually, is dichotomous in nature, comprised of physical matter and Spirit, body and soul, two (2) forces driven in opposite directions. The battle between matter and Spirit creates serious turbulence, which lies at the root of all existential loneliness and despair, more than enough reason to shudder. However this dissonance is not always apparent.

Your life reflects your struggle of life resulting from the tension between matter and Spirit. Initially these two (2) worlds do not co-exist. Physical matter and Spirit are at war with each other. When one (1) rises the other falls.

Everything in your material existence contains Divine Spiritual Energy, and you are charged with the mission to extricate, redeem, and elevate these sparks, to uncover the Spiritual opportunity embedded in every experience, and thereby refine the material Universe and transform it into its True purpose, a vehicle for Spiritual expression.

When you the matter ignored your True physical destiny, you off set the Universe plan to balance. For every effect affects other events. Your Spirit felt something was wrong, terribly wrong and tried to warm your physical self. You in the other hand ignored it. The Universe and your Spirit took over without the consent of your physical matter to balance the Cosmos, by taking away your physical things you had, people you loved and betrayal. Once the balance is back, it will triple and give you back all you have lost. The same goes for me my readers.

The Universe’s material existence was tenuous without it connection to its Spiritual purpose. You shivered and shake for the misalignment of the Universe. You shuddered for every painful experience that would take place. You trembled when you saw the terrible consequences you gave to those you love.

You shuddered as you realized how difficult, how enormously painful your struggle would be throughout history between the forces of physical matter and the forces of Spirit, for you as I have always been here. You shudder continues to reverberate throughout the eons. You are now ready to weave your way through the challenges. Through all the havoc, you stand today at the threshold of a new world.

Follow your heart, and be in presence, it helps a lot. You shall receive a Higher Energy and integrate the real Truth about who you really are. There is nothing strange about it; it is a journey from a deep sleep state to full awakening.

The memory of your limitless nature is getting harder and harder to ignore. Have faith in the deep feeling of ability that shines in you. The road you may see might seem different then mine, but there is a root of where each of our roads leads to one (1) union.

For a long time, our Ancient Ancestors had held the Truth in their hands but could not understand it and assumed they could decode it. I have now been given the task to hide it throughout my books for you to find. For you to find it, you must not think, you must trust your KnoWing. You shall each be assigned a hidden code that you shall share with others like yourself until it is no longer a piece of the puzzle but a whole. Keep your sense opened and do not second (2nd) guest yourself for you will be infiltrated.

At the right moment there will be those of you who will seek to understand and will do so. There will be those of you who will look without really seeing. There will be those of you who read or hear without truly listening or understanding, such will not understand the Truth. Some of you will pretend or assume to. Nevertheless, those who prove their efforts will receive help.

Most of those that are around you are just shadows and do not truly exist, they are but a figment of your imagination. What you know is not so. What seems real is not real. Who you each represent is not who you really are. Everything you know has been a lie. Time itself in the physical world goes forward, while time in the Spiritual World does not even exist, for time is one (1). I want to remind you of the temporal nature of existence. The material world is not your true home. You must never succumb to the illusion that your structures and mortal edifices is your natural environment.

Corporeal life is a means, a road that leads you to a deeper, Spiritual Reality. You are just a traveler in this impermanent material world; you are a Spiritual Being on a material journey, not a material being on a Spiritual journey. Fighting the illusion of material reality is no simple battle. The physical world has a powerful hold on you, so powerful that it sucks you in, like a black hole, into its own reality, making you think that this material existence is the only thing that is real. Until it comes to a point that you no longer are neutral and you become part of the illusion. You feed it and it feeds you.

What you see is not real, and the physical world lies to you. What you believe you see is not necessarily what you get, or is never what you get. It is what you perceive happened. You create and willed this project to be, this image that may or may not reflect your substance within your knowing conscious or your unknowing subconscious.

Do you truly believe it was an accident that you are reading this book?

The more you look deep. I do mean very… deep into what I write. Which I receive from a Source Higher than me, and you somehow unknowingly have the gift to read between the lines to “decipher” and “decode” the Truth, the closer you will be in joining me in the search of the Truth, in what’s right is wrong, and what’s wrong is right in being wise in wisdom. The eight (8) leaders will each double their forces by eight (8) each down the line.

All of existence is only an illusion in appearance, and does not truly exist. This is to say that the source didn’t change at all in itself and its necessary true existence and it is now still exactly the same as it was before creation, and there is no space empty of IT, as is known.

So how was it Emanated?

You do not live in a seamless Universe, for your physical body hides the Spirit within you. The person you trust will stab you in the back. Organize religions, and even scientists falsify data. Deception is part of your reality. This does not mean that there is no truth, but that you have to do your own research to know the Truth.

Existence itself hides its true nature and can deceive you into thinking that nothing exists beyond what you see in the physical world, or other peoples “words.” You have to stop following blindly, and truly open your eyes. You have been brain washed for years, even thousands (1,000s) of years to have a certain belief passed down from your parents, or who ever raised you. All you know has been a lie. You cannot put the blame on those who taught you, for they were kept away from the Truth just as you were. Only those in the “Shadows” know with the “Ones.”

What you know is not real. What is good is not good. What is bad is not bad. All belief has been manipulated, twisted as well as separated and now requires to be returned to one (1). It is a whole that has been taken apart thousands (1,000s) of years ago, and now that puzzle is finding its way back into one (1) piece.

Am I mad?

Maybe so. Maybe it is all a fragment of my imagination, but if so, then I want you to explain to me your logic in;

Why has all my theories been documented by others before I even “knew, read” or “heard” of them?

Did I create this reality to suit my wishes or was it always here and I just did not notice it?

Some of you may read this and ask;

What does all this have to do with bettering myself or meeting women?

That is easy to answer, for it has evolved to a deeper concept, in addition all I teach will lead together as one (1).

You can create your own reality temporarily on a day-to-day basis in intertwining yourself with the Universe. I in the other hand, must go deeper, I require those who know who I Truly am, to find me, and finally complete the Ancient Task we started thousands (1,000s) of years earlier.

In past history I have let my “emotions” over rule me, but I now fully understand that it should have always been “logic” that should have led me.

Jezebel has always been a part of the “Ones,” and I with both the “Ones” and the “Shadows.” We have always been, we have always been here. Time is one (1), and I always return, to find those who have always been with me, for most do not even remember fully as I remember them. My friends, loved ones, and enemies are here. Some disguise themselves as my enemies, when they were truly my allies in different timeline and realities. Some of my true enemies came back as the parents of my allies and love ones to deceive them away from their real purpose with the help of magical means to enchantments. They tried in every time line, and even now to distract me in becoming who I truly am. Emotion is a weakness that can be controlled.

Who was I originally?

My bloodline has the answer, since my bloodline does not lie, my DNA does not lie.

Seeing through this illusion you call reality, and seeing what others don’t is a gift, which for years I saw as a curse, as a result I ignored it. I once in a while see coloured auras around people or see mystical beings that most cannot see around them.

I got an Ancient Birthmark that has followed me in every timeline. Time, the way you know it, really skips not forward as you believe it to be, but back and forth in the Spiritual Realm. The best and closest way to better help you understand this in a human concept is that one (1) through ten (10) in the physical world goes as; “1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9,” and “10”right? Now however, imagine that it really was random as in; “4, 5, 1, 3, 6, 8, 2, 7, 10,” and “9!” That is how it is in the Spiritual Reality when you choose to return to the physical illusion you call reality.

Believe in who you truly are. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise, or stop you. They may try to take away who you are meant to be, however they can never win if you do not let them win. They can break you or you can be made stronger, it is all your choice.

Laugh, smile, think of me as nuts, a visionary, or less, or more. Nevertheless, do your homework before you decide to determine where I fit. I on the other hand hope I am just plain crazy, for these prophecies have been foretold thousands (1,000s) upon thousands (1,000s) of years. This is overwhelming as well as a lot of responsibility on my shoulder. Now, the question to you is:

Where do you fit into this?

Are you part of reality or an illusion that believes to be real?

You saw yourself asleep in a trance like state that resembles sleep. You were in a strong state of great mental abstraction on your bed, and had an astral self out-of-body experience. What is significant is that it did not feel like a dream, nor did it seem like one (1).

You felt weightless as you saw yourself moving higher above your body, moreover you continue going further away, even passing the galaxies, stars, in contrast even the Universe itself to a place that is brighter then anything you can put into words.

In that moment of being, despite your incredible lightness of being, you felt as conscious in addition to being aware, as you had ever been. Though you knew you were unconscious in a state of altered consciousness trance, you had never been so attuned to your senses. In that moment everything became sharper, you became aware of everything, feeling, hearing, and seeing. This is a sense of peace and well-being that you did not nor want to end.

Over the Spiritual Plain, you measure time as in past, present, and future with different linear span than on the material physical plain. When you finally returned to your physical body, you felt like you were gone for hours, sometimes even days or years, while in the physical world it was only a few seconds to a few minutes.

Every time you receive this assess, you see it as a privilege of a lifetime. This always leaves you with so many unanswered questions plus so much more questions to come. On the due time all shall be clear, so observe as a result give ear to the Truth, until the appointed time. Eternity past and future is the present in the Spiritual Realm.

Very shortly in the not too distance future from now in the physical material world, I will come to you, however not in the form of religion, nor advocating any religion. I shall come to bring you trouble not peace. Nevertheless, I will show you peace, caring, kindness, loving, giving and sharing. Once again, I am not here to bring you religion, on the other hand, religion is your attempts to reach a Higher Source some of you call G-d. I as a result of this am attempting to let you see that something Higher than you is determine to reach you, a Spiritual Energy, a Higher Power, it doesn’t matter how you label it, or your belief.

New Universes are being formed as you read; otherwise, new Big Bangs are happening outside our Universe.